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Formaldehyde test box
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    •  Guys, whether you have this kind of puzzle? The cold winter coming, you want to buy a down jacket to keep warm, but when you go shopping to buy clothes and then put on the down jacket, there is a smell of a duck , let us not dare to close.

        So why do some puffer jackets smell so smelly, while others don't?

        1. Reason of smelly smell

        Down feathers grow on the body surface of ducks and geese, will inevitably produce a certain amount of oil. The feathers of goose and duck contains high fat, and the attached free fat will be absorbed in the process of washing. Therefore, the amount of oil plays an important role in indicating the warmth, cleanliness and potential smell of the sample, which is the key factor whether the fat and oil content qualified.So, What is fat and oil content?

        2. Definition of fat and oil content

        The percentage of fat and other oils absorbed in down feathers per unit mass

        3. The influence of fat and oil content

        Too low or too high fat and oil content percentage of feather and down will have a bad effect on the quality of products. Too low oil content will affect the external structure of the down, which is easy to be broken, reduce toughness and affect the warmth retention. However, too high residual fat content may lead to poor cleanliness of the sample, breeding bacteria or odor.

        Testing principle

        At present, Soxhlet extraction method is generally used in testing the residual fat rate specified in the standard of all kinds of down inspection methods. The principle is that the fat in the feather sample is dissolved in organic solvents (such as diethyl ether, diethyl ether, etc.), and the extracted fat is obtained after the solvent is volatilized. After weighing and calculating, the fat content can be obtained, namely the residual fat rate.

        If fat and oil content is high, down and feather products will have an unpleasant smell.

        GB/T 14272-2011 "Down Clothing" standard for the requirement of fat and oil content is not higher than 1.3%

        let us introduce the HD-X004-8 Formaldehyde Analysis Tester,It is used to quickly determine the formaldehyde content of various textiles, leather. It can perfectly detect your down jacket fit is not qualified, help you solve the problem .

        Formaldehyde Analysis Tester

        4. Suggestions to enterprises

        Suggest enterprise purchase qualified washing down feather, qualified washing down feather must undergo strict washing process. Down feather raw material in a certain temperature of clean water by washing with detergent and disinfectant, repeated cleaning, rinsing, dehydration, and then after 120℃ high temperature steam drying disinfection procedures for more than 30 minutes, can remove the attached dust, excrement, blood, oil stains in the raw material, to achieve the purpose of disinfection and sterilization to remove peculiar smell.

        In the production, storage and transportation, enterprises should also do closed and sterile operation. Washed down feather and unwashed should be stored separately. The equipment should be strictly cleaned and disinfected according to the rules, and the warehouse shall be kept in a dry, clean and well-ventilated storage environment.

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