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Drying oven
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    • When you want to dry something, what do you think of first? The cooking oven, The blower, or the Dehydrator? They are suitable in different places. As to some materials in laboratory, you can't choose one randomly because high temperature will damage the properties of materials.

        So, I want to introduce you the vacuum drying oven, which is regular drying oven in laboratory, is used to dry, brake and preheat heat-sensitive, easily decomposed and easy oxidizing materials. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, electronics and chemical industries.

        The instrument of the oven is on the left side of the box body, the box body is small and easy to test and move. It is used for drying, baking, melting, disinfection and sterilization of non-flammable, explosive and non-volatile materials in industrial and mining enterprises, universities, biopharm aceuticals, food processing, scientific research, medical units and various laboratories.

        It adopts a hot air circulation system composed of a fan that can operate continuously at high temperatures and a special air duct. The temperature in the working room is uniform. It is widely used for drying glassware, thermal denaturation of experimental samples, food, and chemical substances. Hardness, heat softening, moisture removal, dry heat sterilization of utensils and utensils in biological engineering, drying and aging of electronic components.

        The box body is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, the surface is electrostatic powder sprayed, the coating is hard and firm, and has a strong anti-rust ability.

        The studio is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plates with rounded corners, smooth, smooth and easy to clean.

        The space between the box and the working room is filled with ultra-fine glass wool insulation material, which has a good thermal insulation function, which effectively ensures the stability and accuracy of the temperature in the box and the impact on the use environment.

        And we can provide customized service, if you are interested in this, you can contact us to get more information.

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